If you know more about plants and the history of the trees, then you might be able to understand the importance and the option of the other people on why they choose to grow plants from a seed. You have the best selections of the great seeds especially when you are thinking about the different types of plants and breed of the trees that you want to take care in your property or empty land there. Some would even get the best tree service to take care of the young seedlings as some would not have the green thumb and they are having to give the right needs of the young plants until it becomes old enough to be replanted to the ground or to the big pot.  

Most of the plant owners would have this way as they believe that this is the cheapest way to grow plants in their place compared to buying those plants that are already a bit taller and growing. This is the best idea as well if you are always that kind of person who likes to get to know the life and cycle of the plants from the very start that they are seeds until they get to the full bloom flower or trees.  

Asking for some help is not bad as this could be a guide for you as a beginner to get some knowledge about the seeds that you are going to use to plant and make sure to get ready with the different things like the weather condition and the schedule to water them. Of course, you could make your own without having to spend more money in buying the seeds from the nursery stores and some other people would just throw the spoiled tomatoes to the soil and then the next coming days, they would see something growing there and it is as simple as that. Some would even do the old way of letting the seeds to be very useful and to germinate easily like they have to get the seeds out of the vegetables or fruits and they are going to wash it with water and finally, they have to put it under the sun so that it would dry faster before planting them.   

You could also start with the potted type of plants and in this way, you could manage to observe them every day and even place them to the balcony of your house or to a place where you could see them easily. Others would have them in a box with a good space for them to grow easily but make sure that they could get the natural light from the sun and the water that is enough only for them to absorb as you don’t want them to be drowned. You can add some fertilizer for it to be better in getting the nutrients that they need and you could also get the idea of replanting them to the soil bed there.